Born to Conquer.


Seventeen stories to blow your minds. Most are biographies and some possibly fictional. As a child I heard the stories of my elders who had encounters that seemed unreal, nevertheless one could not dismiss them as fictional. Times have changed since those days and to be honest, those who told the story are deceased. To keep these memoirs alive, I decided to write this book so they can be shared with generations to come.

Some of the stories are traditional Jamaican folk tales combined with real-life events of conquerors who wish to share memoirs from their own experience as children growing up in their communities.

The first story “Pinchy Winchy Switch” tells the story of an exotic dancer who worked hard to maintain her position in a night club. She had to fight to survive. “Mattie Bowy” tells the story of a bully that was thought a valuable lesson by the villagers; it is said that it takes a village to raise a child!

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