As a barrel child, born in Kingston, Jamaica, I left in 1981 to join my mother in England at age thirteen. I am the eldest child of six siblings.

I attended Tivoli Gardens High School in Jamaica and lived in Kingston 11. On arrival in England, I attended Brondesbury and Kilburn High School in London and later graduated with an honours degree in Finance and Accounting at the Thames Valley University (Ealing Campus).

I am a mother of four children. I have published five books in total, three novels and two children’s books over the last two years. My first Novel, ‘A Journey for Perlene’ was published in January 2019, followed by ‘A journey for Rowna the Loner,’ published June 2019. I also published ‘Robin Sparrow and Porcupine Pete’s Adventure’ in August 2019, followed by Book 2 in June 2020.